Thursday, 29 December 2011

Ginuwine Shows Off 8 Kids In Family Portrait

Back in 2009, Sister2Sister magazine’s Jamie Foster Brown caught up with Ginuwine and they talked about his kids and baby mama drama:

Jamie: How many kids do you have now?
Ginuwine: Eight. Together? We only have two. She had two before me and we had two together. And I had four more before her.

Jamie: I know, but how many babies’ mamas are there?

Jamie: If you saw a young man in your position today, what would you say to him?
Ginuwine: I can tell you what I would say because I’ve said it before to a couple of guys. When you have a babymama here, a babymama there, it’s going to be drama, period. Regardless of what one says to you—“I’m not going to trip like that,” “I’m cool” and all that—after a while that goes out the window. After you leave that one person and you find love somewhere else, that person that you were with, they hate that.

Jamie: Even if they don’t like you anymore?
Ginuwine: I think so. Because, especially when you are giving so much of yourself and so much material things to that new person and they see how they’re living now, it’s kind of a vendetta thing sometimes because they want to be in that position. I don’t regret none of my kids; I regret how I had them.

Earlier this year it was reported that Ginuwine was shopping around a reality show based on his family life but so far there hasn’t been any news of whether it will be picked up. He definitely needs the checks to continue to roll in to feed all of those mouths. Beautiful Family!

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-Necole BItchie

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

JustEnvee Interview: Zoloworld @Zoloworld

Name: Zolo aka @ZOLOWORLD

Zolo: Ok let's do it #pow

JustEnvee: Thank you for taking the time to sit with us, how did you get your name? And how would you describe your music?

Zolo: Well basically I got the name Zolo from being in a previous hip-hop group and I decide to go solo. I change my genre of music to pop, dance, and electro, which make me more wild. But as a person I'm very calm maintained .. So I compare myself to a zoo because the wild live there but they are maintained so I put zoo, and solo together which makes Zolo

JustEnvee: Whom would you like your music to influence?

Zolo: Mmmmm =-?. I would really like it to influence society all around.. Just teach people to be themselves and its coo to do your own thing.

JustEnvee: What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Zolo: Well from a young age it was just something I was always into

JustEnvee: What has been your biggest challenge with your industry?

Zolo: Making people believe in you

JustEnvee: That's deep. If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would that be?

Zolo: Nothing because everything is a stepping stone n it just makes me want it more so I work harder
JustEnvee: Name your most embarrassing moment? Most memorable moment?

Zolo: Most embarrassing ummmm haven't had one as yet.

JustEnvee: I see any very memorable ones?

Zolo: Most memorable a 5 year old see me in the mall n ask for my auto-graph lol said he loves my music was with his parents n everything

JustEnvee: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Zolo: In a space where I'm musical influence all around the world

JustEnvee: That's it? No personal goals?

Zolo: Lol would it be rude to say I want to keep that personal

JustEnvee: Not at all

Zolo: cuz I don't want to say "marrying nana" on the blog site <3<3 JustEnvee: Lol ill let her know lol

Zolo: Hahhaha #:-s. Thanks

JustEnvee: Now we would love to get a little personal with you ...up for it?

Zolo: X_X. I'm scared

JustEnvee: Lol can I take that as a yes?

Zolo: Yes

JustEnvee: Single or taken?

Zolo: Single right now :'(

JustEnvee: I'm sure a lot of ladies would like to hear
that. What's the first thing you notice on a woman?

Zolo: Personality

JustEnvee: Biggest turn on? Turn off?

Zolo: Motivated girls, lazy girl

JustEnvee: Lol…Boxers or briefs?

Zolo: Speedos…. Lol boxers

JustEnvee: Would you say you’re a sexual person?

Zolo: Yes very

JustEnvee: Would you say you’re a ladies man?

Zolo: NO far from

JustEnvee: Yikes! Have you ever been in love?

Zolo: Yes…. Broken hearted at that

JustEnvee: Think you can love again?

Zolo: I have to

JustEnvee: This is getting intense.... Back on track..
You dance album #Welcome released…. any feedback?

Zolo: So far 2,600 downloads. It’s getting a pretty nice buzz, people love it

JustEnvee: Good stuff! Do you think it explains who you are as a person?

Zolo: Veryyyyy much so. It brings people into my world, zolo world

JustEnvee: Are all your songs based off personal experiences?

Zolo: Ya pretty much, some of them are party songs, but they all have a true meaning in it

JustEnvee: Champagne showers? Can we get an explanation please lol?

Zolo: Well champagne is a joint which is a remix from "LMFAO"

JustEnvee: Ok still doesn't explain your meaning

Zolo: Ya with that one there no meaning jus a party song lol

JustEnvee: What new projects are you working on?

Zolo: Currently I’m working on a new dance-tape “Lost in Zoloworld” as well as I am currently selling Zoloworld sweaters $20. Make sure you call support the movement

JustEnvee: Well Zolo it’s been great talking to you, we appreciate your honest answers and hope to see more music from you in the future. Any last words?

Zolo: "Cough cough" so your not posting them personal questions r u lol

JustEnvee: I am lol thanks for your time again Zolo. Everybody be sure to download Zolo's dance tape #Welcome. Download for free at

Zolo: Coo B-). N its zolo baby hehhee

JustEnvee Interview: Spotty @HANDSOMEMOGUL

How did you get your name?
My name was originally Spotlight, I use to dance so I was always the center of attention in the parties. The ladies shortened it to Spotty, so I ran with it lol

Let the world know who you are?
Young, ambitious entrepreneur with plans for international greatness.

How old are you?

Recently turned 21 J

How would you describe your style?

It depends on my mood sometimes calm, cool & laid back other times flashy & loud.

Who are some of your major influences & motivations?

My mom would be my biggest influence, she’s the main reason I do what I do. As far as everyday motivation I admire people like P Diddy, the man is a genius lol also guys from my own city like Brooklyn, Shadow, Cash that keep me focused and daily inspired.

What was the moment you realized you wanted to begin a career in this industry?

I just capitalized on the opportunity I had at the moment, I always knew with the right formula I would be unstoppable, so there was never a plan B ; I’m in the industry running a marathon.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or what we can expect from you in 2012?

I want to be a millionaire, every day I want my mind and pockets to evolve. In 5 years I see myself owning a club or lounge in the city. When 2012 comes around I plan on official launching my company “City Nights” and also start experiencing nightlife worldwide.

Thanks for answering those questions but now we would like to get a little personal :)

Single or Taken?

Single, relationships are investments lol

What’s one of the first things you notice or are attracted to you in a women?

I’m always attracted to a female’s demeanor first. I’ve met a lot of pretty women, but the way they carry themselves stands out to me the most.

Biggest turn on? turn off?

Turn on: A women I can just laugh and just have fun with. (Outside the club)
Turn off: A women with no ambition, no goals in life . . just living for the moment.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxers, designer boxer’s lol

Would you say you're a sexual person?

I’m quite experienced in that flew. .

Would you call yourself a ladies’ man?

I just know how to treat the ladies; I’m always a gentleman first.

Ok back to the program......

What can we expect from you in the future?

Just working of course, while still providing quality lifestyle events for all those that support what I do. I also want to get into career branding, and helping others grow. I know I'm still young but I hate seeing talent go to waste.

Any last words?

Just a word of advice to those coming up in any industry, always treat your project as if it was your first, work ethic is very important, and I notice when people get to comfortable they lose that hunger. You get out the game what you put in, the goal is to live rich & retire young.

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