Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Advertise x Promotion

All Music Submissions:

Send all material to : justenvee@live.com

Must Include:

- Audio
- 3 Images
- Download Link
- Biography


- Personal Websites
- Social Media Sites
- Videos
- Behind the Scene Footage

You will be labelled: New Music

Miscellaneous Submissions:
-Detailed biography
-Brief explanation of the subject (Clothing Designer, Jewellery Designer etc)
-Direct Contacts

IF selected to be posted, we ask that you ;
- Promote you material via the link designated to your post. Choose any way to post your material  whether it be via Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. 


Joshua Keihl said...

Hi admin,
I’m interested to advertise my ad banner on your website.
Your site has good traffic and I can make it possible for you to increase your income.
Reply me ASAP at keihljosh@gmail.com

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