Tuesday, 27 December 2011

JustEnvee Interview: Spotty @HANDSOMEMOGUL

How did you get your name?
My name was originally Spotlight, I use to dance so I was always the center of attention in the parties. The ladies shortened it to Spotty, so I ran with it lol

Let the world know who you are?
Young, ambitious entrepreneur with plans for international greatness.

How old are you?

Recently turned 21 J

How would you describe your style?

It depends on my mood sometimes calm, cool & laid back other times flashy & loud.

Who are some of your major influences & motivations?

My mom would be my biggest influence, she’s the main reason I do what I do. As far as everyday motivation I admire people like P Diddy, the man is a genius lol also guys from my own city like Brooklyn, Shadow, Cash that keep me focused and daily inspired.

What was the moment you realized you wanted to begin a career in this industry?

I just capitalized on the opportunity I had at the moment, I always knew with the right formula I would be unstoppable, so there was never a plan B ; I’m in the industry running a marathon.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years or what we can expect from you in 2012?

I want to be a millionaire, every day I want my mind and pockets to evolve. In 5 years I see myself owning a club or lounge in the city. When 2012 comes around I plan on official launching my company “City Nights” and also start experiencing nightlife worldwide.

Thanks for answering those questions but now we would like to get a little personal :)

Single or Taken?

Single, relationships are investments lol

What’s one of the first things you notice or are attracted to you in a women?

I’m always attracted to a female’s demeanor first. I’ve met a lot of pretty women, but the way they carry themselves stands out to me the most.

Biggest turn on? turn off?

Turn on: A women I can just laugh and just have fun with. (Outside the club)
Turn off: A women with no ambition, no goals in life . . just living for the moment.

Boxers or briefs?

Boxers, designer boxer’s lol

Would you say you're a sexual person?

I’m quite experienced in that flew. .

Would you call yourself a ladies’ man?

I just know how to treat the ladies; I’m always a gentleman first.

Ok back to the program......

What can we expect from you in the future?

Just working of course, while still providing quality lifestyle events for all those that support what I do. I also want to get into career branding, and helping others grow. I know I'm still young but I hate seeing talent go to waste.

Any last words?

Just a word of advice to those coming up in any industry, always treat your project as if it was your first, work ethic is very important, and I notice when people get to comfortable they lose that hunger. You get out the game what you put in, the goal is to live rich & retire young.

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