Tuesday, 27 December 2011

JustEnvee Interview: Zoloworld @Zoloworld

Name: Zolo aka @ZOLOWORLD

Zolo: Ok let's do it #pow

JustEnvee: Thank you for taking the time to sit with us, how did you get your name? And how would you describe your music?

Zolo: Well basically I got the name Zolo from being in a previous hip-hop group and I decide to go solo. I change my genre of music to pop, dance, and electro, which make me more wild. But as a person I'm very calm maintained .. So I compare myself to a zoo because the wild live there but they are maintained so I put zoo, and solo together which makes Zolo

JustEnvee: Whom would you like your music to influence?

Zolo: Mmmmm =-?. I would really like it to influence society all around.. Just teach people to be themselves and its coo to do your own thing.

JustEnvee: What made you first realize you wanted to pursue a career in music?

Zolo: Well from a young age it was just something I was always into

JustEnvee: What has been your biggest challenge with your industry?

Zolo: Making people believe in you

JustEnvee: That's deep. If you had the opportunity to change something about the music industry what would that be?

Zolo: Nothing because everything is a stepping stone n it just makes me want it more so I work harder
JustEnvee: Name your most embarrassing moment? Most memorable moment?

Zolo: Most embarrassing ummmm haven't had one as yet.

JustEnvee: I see any very memorable ones?

Zolo: Most memorable a 5 year old see me in the mall n ask for my auto-graph lol said he loves my music was with his parents n everything

JustEnvee: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Zolo: In a space where I'm musical influence all around the world

JustEnvee: That's it? No personal goals?

Zolo: Lol would it be rude to say I want to keep that personal

JustEnvee: Not at all

Zolo: cuz I don't want to say "marrying nana" on the blog site <3<3 JustEnvee: Lol ill let her know lol

Zolo: Hahhaha #:-s. Thanks

JustEnvee: Now we would love to get a little personal with you ...up for it?

Zolo: X_X. I'm scared

JustEnvee: Lol can I take that as a yes?

Zolo: Yes

JustEnvee: Single or taken?

Zolo: Single right now :'(

JustEnvee: I'm sure a lot of ladies would like to hear
that. What's the first thing you notice on a woman?

Zolo: Personality

JustEnvee: Biggest turn on? Turn off?

Zolo: Motivated girls, lazy girl

JustEnvee: Lol…Boxers or briefs?

Zolo: Speedos…. Lol boxers

JustEnvee: Would you say you’re a sexual person?

Zolo: Yes very

JustEnvee: Would you say you’re a ladies man?

Zolo: NO far from

JustEnvee: Yikes! Have you ever been in love?

Zolo: Yes…. Broken hearted at that

JustEnvee: Think you can love again?

Zolo: I have to

JustEnvee: This is getting intense.... Back on track..
You dance album #Welcome released…. any feedback?

Zolo: So far 2,600 downloads. It’s getting a pretty nice buzz, people love it

JustEnvee: Good stuff! Do you think it explains who you are as a person?

Zolo: Veryyyyy much so. It brings people into my world, zolo world

JustEnvee: Are all your songs based off personal experiences?

Zolo: Ya pretty much, some of them are party songs, but they all have a true meaning in it

JustEnvee: Champagne showers? Can we get an explanation please lol?

Zolo: Well champagne is a joint which is a remix from "LMFAO"

JustEnvee: Ok still doesn't explain your meaning

Zolo: Ya with that one there no meaning jus a party song lol

JustEnvee: What new projects are you working on?

Zolo: Currently I’m working on a new dance-tape “Lost in Zoloworld” as well as I am currently selling Zoloworld sweaters $20. Make sure you call support the movement

JustEnvee: Well Zolo it’s been great talking to you, we appreciate your honest answers and hope to see more music from you in the future. Any last words?

Zolo: "Cough cough" so your not posting them personal questions r u lol

JustEnvee: I am lol thanks for your time again Zolo. Everybody be sure to download Zolo's dance tape #Welcome. Download for free at www.worldofzolo.com.

Zolo: Coo B-). N its zolo baby hehhee


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